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Cybersecurity Courses

Cyber Attacks are on the rise.
Information security infrastructure and regulations are getting ever more complex. Skilled IT personnel with the right certifications and experience to run your information security environment is difficult to find. The combination of the above-mentioned realities makes it necessary to work with your existing IT Personnel to protect your IT environment. How about skilling them up on the job? Online courses with certifications provide Employers the possibility for their employees to train at the comfort of their desk, at a time convenient for them, allowing the business to go on as usual.

EITBS has partnered with EC Council, the leader in Cyber-security online training, to provide training for all IT security Professionals (including Architects, Engineers, Managers, Technicians) at a fraction of the price for an in-class training.

Who are EC Council?

EC-Council Group is a multidisciplinary institution which offers professional Information Security services on a global scale. As a dedicated Information Security organization, EC-Council aims at creating knowledge, facilitating innovation, executing research, implementing development, and nurturing subject matter experts in order to provide them unique skills and niche expertise in cyber security.

Advantages of EC Council Online courses

Courses offered

The world's leading organizations including the Pentagon, White House, US Army, Verizon, Accenture, FBI, Microsoft, Symantec, IBM, KPMG, Cisco, HP, AT&T, the United Nation and the other institutions have trusted EC-Council to develop and advance their security Skill up.

Do not hesitate to talk to us about your training needs!

EITBS is an authorized EC Council Reseller with Cert ID: ECRS58625


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