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What is Record (Document) Management and why is it necessary for every organisation?

Record management also known at a Document (A record is a document that has value for a company) Management is an automated way of organizing, securing, capturing, digitizing, tagging, approving, and completing tasks with your business files.
Today, institutions have a lot of records consisting of receipts from the purchase of goods, intellectual property on networks, Documentation on processes, products often used and more in paper form.
These is an example of challenges associated with having/using physical documents:
Should an organisation want to purchase a product, Proforma invoices (PI) of the product have to be sourced for. At least three of the PI’s need to be selected, reviewed, approved and then finally purchased by Procurement.
After introducing Records management, this process will take 60% less time and 80 %cost less. With Records management, as soon as the PI’s are sourced by the respective division seeking to make the purchase, the PI will be scanned in to the Records Management System (RMS) and indexed, making is searchable. The digitalized PI will the be sent electronically to the various parties for review and commenting (eMemo), afterward the digitalized PI will be sent for approval, after which the organisation can proceed with the purchase process.

How will the Records (and Document) Management training bring value to your organisation?

Today, pressure to become efficient, profitable, compliant and challenges associated with doing business with hard copy document is pushing companies to find a way of digitally managing both electronic and physical document.
Under current circumstance, archived copies might take a week to two to retrieve. Those that have not yet been archived will be sitting on desks within the company with almost no way to track them.
Today, as an example, when letters are delivered to the reception of Institutions, they might be sorted and filed according to subject matter. The risk associated with this type sorting and filling, is that, unauthorized person on being able to access one document, will be automatically exposed to all other documents on the same subject matter.
The Records and Information Management training aims at elevating all record managers and officers to the same standard of handling physical documents (Filling, Storage, retrieval) using the internationally accepted and documented standard ISO 15489.

It will consider the whole lifecycle of physical document from creation and capture, naming and filling through restrictions on access, tracking, retention and disposal.

It will run for 5 Days, giving ample time for discussions and learning’s to be review.
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