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About Us

Image of Alex Ntow
Alex Ntow

Co-Founder and CTO

Image of Judith Ngwa
Judith Ngwa

Director, Marketing and Sales

EITBS (Enterprise IT Business Solutions) came to life to provide consulting to enterprises with the need to run their private and hybrid clouds whilst driving cost down and maintain agility with the services they offer. For some companies, this means embracing new technologies like virtualization, the use of legacy Storage and Servers to run specific workloads or the entire orchestration of a business service consisting of multiple Applications. We want to assist companies take more advantage of IT for their business processes, we think IT should rather be seen as a business enabler than a cost center. We believe IT Divisions should assist enterprise to be innovative, reliable and reasonably priced in the services they offer. They should be able to leverage their data for competitive advantage against their peers. Regardless of where Data resides, it should be possible to process it, run analytics on it, back it up and archive as necessary. We rely on industry proven products to design solutions for your Ecosystem.


Our goal is to assist companies to optimize their IT by increasing efficiencies through consolidation, adaptation of new technologies like virtualization, Standardization which will result in reduced total cost of ownership whilst exceeding their SLA`s. To attain these goals, Automation of Business services (Multi-tiered Applications) and standardization are key. At the heart of Automation and standardization lies the Data of our customers, the most important components that need to be managed and protected. Our customers use various applications, including Databases, webservers, and specialized one for the various verticals and multiple Operation Systems to run their business services. Needless to say, when one of these components stalls, it might take about 30 minutes to days to resolve the problem. The implications could range from loss in revenue, customers, Image, right down to Bankruptcy which could be fatal for the business. Our mission is to aid customers in running their business 24/7 all 365 days, regardless of what needs to be protected, either Data or Applications. We offer you customized solutions designed for your unique environment.


The shear amount of Soft- and Hardware and engineered or purpose built Appliance solutions on the market makes it almost impossible to choose the right solution that fits your unique environment, solves your specific challenges and drives your business. Much research and testing is required to arrive at a conclusion about which solution best suits your challenges. We believe that customers should opt for solutions that afford them maximum flexibility and fits seamlessly into their environment, protecting the standing investments. Since our solutions are soft- and Hardware agnostic (support all Major OS and Hardware), we give our customers more agility in how they run their business. Best practice for saving cost are standardization, consolidation where possible, virtualization initiatives, automation and commoditizing Hardware infrastructure (as opposed to premium Hardware) with Software hardening.